I Cheng General Contractor was founded on May 1st, 1950 specializing in civil infrastructure construction projects. Due to an increase in the scale and complexity of projects undertaken, the firm was reorganized and reincorporated as I Cheng Construction & Development Corporation in 1963. Today, the firm has established itself as an experienced construction specialist in a wide range of projects. The following noteworthy achievements reflect our continual improvement and our persisting commitment to deliver projects on time, within budget, and with the highest quality.



1.        The Snow Summit Railroad Bridge in Dong Shi (1959) is a historical bridge consisting of three sections, each spanning 11 meters. We were the first contractor to introduce pre-stressed construction technique from abroad. Thereafter, we improved and perfected the technique by completing over thirty other bridges, including Da Zhi Bridge and Chong Qing South Road overpass (towards Yong Ho City).

2.        Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall (1972) presented considerable challenge as it was our first project to erect a steel structure as well as to import the first ever truck-mounted mixed concrete pump in Taiwan. Steel structure of this magnitude was unprecedented in Taiwan and the Memorial Hall became a major landmark both in terms of size and cultural importance. In the following year, we were awarded The Builders Silver Medal by the International Federation Asian and Western Pacific Contractors Association.

3.        Construction of the Taipei Mormon Temple, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (1984) came not only with specification in accordance with the highest U.S. standard but also with a twenty-year warranty. It was not a project for the mediocre contractor as only five of the most reputable and competent contractors passed the stringent pre-qualification process. Prior to open bidding, each was invited by the owner representative to visit the newly completed temple in Japan in order to comprehend the required level of workmanship. The team of Mormon Temple Special Projects Division dispatched from Utah, USA, to directly supervise the GCs work was impressed with our efficiency and seamless cooperation upon successful completion of the project.

4.        Taipei Municipal Police Office Headquarter (1989) was a concrete reinforced steel structure with several highlights:

l          1. In order to shrink project duration, we used the top-down construction technique to simultaneously carry out the construction of the basement and the superstructure. Diaphragm Wall80cm (thk) ×30m (dp) ×249m (l)

l          2. The largest panel of precast PC wall used for the exterior, measuring 9.7 m by 4.3 m and weighing approximately 18 tons, was the largest ever in Taiwan and required detailed planning and flawless execution in its transportation and installation.

l          3. The largest G.R.C. Panel Board was 4.4m(h) by 8.1m(w) and also set a record in this country.

l          4. During the duration of the project, despite skyrocketing labor costs, we managed to complete the project on schedule. Furthermore, our engineers generated more than 2000 shop drawings and working drawings. Upon completion we were presented with the Best General Contractor by Taipei City Municipal Government in 1988.


5. Public Insurance Hospital of The Central Trust of China was completed in 1992. To facilitate the initiation of the National Welfare System


As the basic tenets of our corporation, we strive to

(1)    Conduct all business with the highest standards of honesty and fairness. This is the foundation of our sterling reputation in the industry, our most important asset.

(2)    Set the benchmark for the construction industry and our competitors by challenging ourselves with the latest techniques and know-how: We were one of the first builders in Taiwan to employ 1. Pre-stressed concrete construction techniques in 1959, 2. Diaphragm wall construction technique in 1968 and 3. Steel structural construction in 1970.

(3)    Achieve a level of Quality Control and Quality Assurance to surpass our clients expectations. We have been awarded the ISO 9002 certification since August, 1998.


We are grateful to all those concerned for their wholehearted support and we will be continuing to provide the best services with assurance of the highest quality to develop and expand our construction markets.

                                                            C.Y. Wang, President